Light Tracer.

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Together with Taeji Sawai I have been working on a new version of Light Tracer that incorporates sound.
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Project Description

Light Tracer is an interactive installation which invites the participant to write, draw, and trace images in real physical space using a series of light sources. These light sources are subsequently tracked by a camera, and displayed over the participant's own image onscreen. How the participant uses the system is left entirely up to them; however it is possible to write messages, draw pictures, or trace physical objects such as your face or hand.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

+ Shanghai International Science & Art Exposition, Pudong Expo, Shanghai, China, May 16 - 25 2008.

Recent Exhibitions and Events

+ Lightwave, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, February 2 - 8 2008.

+ Unesco Universal Forum of Cultures, Monterrey, Mexico, September 20 - December 8 2007.

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Building Interactive Playgrounds

Building Interactive Playgrounds Sign The Crowds using Light Tracer at BIP Light Tracer at BIP Users experimenting with Light Tracer at BIP
Building Interactive Playgrounds exhibition as part of Elettrowave in Arezzo, Italy. July 14-15 2006. Curated by Todo. More photos.
Drawings from the exhibition

Tiger Translate

Light Tracer Installed at Tiger Translate Auckland - Photography by Adrian Malloch Interacting with Light Tracer at Tiger Translate Auckland - Photography by Adrian Malloch Jaquie Brown on Campbell Live, July 21st 2006 Dj Kentaro and Rostarr on Nightline, July 21st 2006
Tiger Translate, Auckland, New Zealand, July 21 2006. Curated by The Wilderness.
Drawings from the exhibition

COFA Annual

COFA Annual Installation COFA Annual Installation COFA Annual Installation Custom Lights to draw with at the COFA Annual
'COFA annual 2005', Sydney, Australia, November-December 2005.
Drawings from the exhibition

Further Information

Light Tracer was developed by myself, Karl D.D. Willis, while living in Sydney, Australia in 2005. Light Tracer builds upon ideas from my research, which has sought to develop the association between the creative involvement of the user, and successful engaging interaction. The motivation behind Light Tracer was to create something which allowed others to create. Resultantly Light Tracer itself does not have any pre-installed imagery or artwork, but instead relies upon the total involvement of the participant to become the creator. Questioning the roles of authorship and the art-spectator relationship. Further reading on the concept behind Light Tracer can be found in my research paper: User Authorship and Creativity within Interactivity (PDF 640K).

A summary of the technical requirements for exhibition can be found here: Light Tracer Project Summary (PDF 480k). An older version of the demo video is also available: Light Tracer Video Documentation (Quicktime - 26 MB/14 MB). High resolution imagery is available upon request.

Email: karl [at] darcy [dot] co [dot] nz